Wheelchairs for stairs Caterwil

The Caterwil GTS is a wheelchair with a wheeled and tracked platform for climbing stairs. The wheelchair itself is used for moving on a smooth surface. The caterpillar platform is needed to cross the stairs, ramps and other obstacles. A wheeled platform is used to move on a flat surface, and a tracked platform is used to overcome stairs, curbs and other obstacles. Due to this distribution, high cross-country ability, smoothness and energy saving are achieved. At the same time, the dimensions of the step-walker do not exceed the dimensions of a conventional drive carriage!

In the wheel mode for a more comfortable fit, the chair can be deflected back and forth using the buttons on the remote control. In caterpillar mode, a stepped wheelchair activates a gyroscopic system that keeps the seat level for safety while overcoming obstacles. In caterpillar mode, the seat adjustment buttons on the remote control are not active.

Advantage wheelchairs for stairs


Allows you to climb stairs without the help of an escort


Gyroscopes and a wide tracked base ensure stability and safety


A large number of options and individual equipment for each user

Caterwil Wheelchair Description

The crawler-mounted wheelchair for disabled people is equipped with speed sensors on each wheel. Special sensors can improve handling and clarity of motion.

Additional safety systems have been introduced in the model of the stroller for the disabled people: The anti-crawler device prevents the track from breaking even under the most extreme operating conditions. The reliable chain, which drives the track mechanism, maintains its position at the highest loads. The sealed electronics block effectively protects the control system even under high moisture pressure. Ball bearings in the track pulleys prevent squeaks even after prolonged use in humid and cold climates.

The unique wheelchair of the guarantees reliable grip on rounded and cleaved steps, completely eliminating arbitrary rolling when moving up the stairs. The step-by-step stroller is equipped with electro-magnetic brakes, which means complete blocking of movement in case of accidental or forced blackout. The carriage can be switched to manual transportation mode, the design provides for special transport handles. Built-in gyroscopes automatically keep the user in a horizontal position, independently orienting the chair depending on the angle of the staircase. As an option, the caterpillar stroller can be equipped with 2 or 4 point safety belts. The Caterwill Wheelchair was invented to create an accessible environment for everyone who needs it most, designed by professionals who care about people’s comfort.

Accessible wherever you want

The Caterwil wheelchair is a unique product that provides a completely accessible environment for people with disabilities. The stroller moves quite gently and safely up and down on surfaces with an angle of up to 15°. This is enough to cross most of the city ramps and any other obstacles.
In the lifting mode, the electric wheelchair can climb stairs up to 40 degrees. The left and right tracks move independently, allowing you to climb curved ladders and turn to a point in the tank style. 1×1 meter of space is enough to rotate 90 degrees. This makes it possible to use a chair for people with disabilities in narrow entrances. The width of the Caterpillar GT3 is only 65cm, so it is suitable for conventional elevators, doorways and turnstiles and feels at ease in homes.